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Pretty much everything today is heavily focused on mobile-first. It's a fun and challenging area to dive into and experiment with different media queries, frameworks for a better, cost-effective alternative to creating a mobile app to support a website. Web apps; alternative to mobile apps but with mobile-first in mind. It's web applications that provides us the capabilities of creating highly-scalable applications, while maintaining minimal resource consumption (CPU, memory, threads). It further allows us to create more dynamic end results.

Latest Project: RAKAN Consultancy

RAKAN Management Services is kicking off the new year with some serious dreams. They have rebranded the company name to RAKAN Consultancy and are partnering with new clients and treading big opportunities. The team asked me to revamp their website to help their clients communicate efficiently and optimize their business process with visual design.

Things I love.....the most!



One of the best open-source OS that has ever been developed on a mobile device. The ability to customise your OS according to your needs is sublime. Apple meet your competitor, Complexity vs. Simplicity.


Imagine Game Network

Your one-stop page for all things on entertainment. Movies, TV Show reviews, gaming articles on all platforms and many more. You name it, they have it!


By far, one of the best music streaming services. Syncs across all devices, offline playback with high quality. Cheaper than buying music from iTunes. What more do you need?



You can change the world one step at a time through coding. There are only a handful of products currently in the market that enhance the way we conduct our day to day activities, however they haven't fully utilised the technologies that are currently out there which in return can truly revolutionize how we live our daily lives.